डेयर / आईसीएआर की भूमिका सार्क और जी -20 में सहयोग की दिशा में

DARE/ICAR coordinates and participate in various activities in the field of agriculture and rural development as identified by SAARC and Technical Committee on Agriculture and Rural Development of SAARC. ICAR undertakes capacity building for SAARC countries in the areas identified by TCARD and SAARC Division of MEA. Organise workshops, seminars, and other activities from time to time for participants of SAARC countries on issues of mutual interest. Supply and share information on improved technology and good agriculture practices with various SAARC countries. Play leading role in guiding TCARD and SAARC Agriculture Centre (SAC), Dhaka. Prepared SAARC Agriculture Vision. Regular supply of information and data sought by SAC and SAARC. Sharing of expertise with SAARC countries.

Provide technical back stopping for G20 discussions and meetings in the field of agriculture and food security. Participates in the meetings of Agriculture Deputies, Vice Ministers and follow up meetings of G20 on agriculture. Provide input on issues like agriculture innovation system; R&D collaboration; price volatility; agriculture market information system; food security; technology delivery system; investment in agriculture; sustainable agriculture production and productivity growth; and developing country perspective on food security.